Why not to buy cheap and low quality food?

Why do cats like cheap, low-quality food more, but that is not what we should buy them?

It's like sweets. We humans like them too, but they seriously affect our health. The same applies to cheap cat food, which has many unhealthy additives that are designed to whet the cat's appetite and, by their smell, colour or appearance, influence the owner to buy them...

Public secret

It is no longer a secret that the famous brands of cat food we see in advertisements today and every day contain increased levels of unhealthy substances, colouring and salt. A cat is not a garbage can to eat both the leftovers of a human lunch and an admittedly economical cat food, but food that, because of its unhealthy content, can furthermore be responsible for its kidney or liver failure, to which these animals in particular are extremely susceptible. It is not a mere marketing ploy when selected retailers offer world-class brands of veterinary food that vary according to your cat's health problem, or on the contrary, also act as a prevention of that health problem that may arise in the future.

Protect the liver and kidneys of cats as a preventive measure!

Whether it's food to support liver function or to relieve diagnosed kidney failure. It can also be kitten food, prevention of bezoars in adults, joint nutrition for adult or elderly cats, or special gastro food for digestive problems. Also, don't forget "urinary" support to prevent bladder problems and unwanted anaesthesia, especially in older animals, due to urethral obstruction. You really don't want to experience this. If a cat is distressed when eliminating and cannot pee, this is a life-threatening condition that should be addressed immediately with a visit to the vet. That's why it's so important to monitor your cats bowel movements.

Immunity, prevention and specific needs by age and disease

You can also support your cat's immunity with pet vitamins or cranberry syrup, or some types of kibble contain cranberries. On the other hand, in the case of diarrhoea, it is most likely a food allergy and, in addition to probiotics, it is necessary to set up a treatment with veterinary food labelled "gastro". You should also not forget about castrated animals, whose body has its own specific needs with regard to nutrition in the diet.

Why cats don't always like expensive, high-quality food more than cheap food, but it is important to give them only high-quality food.

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