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What do customers say about us?


  • Beautifully packed package

    "I was very happy with my purchase here. The package came in beautiful packaging. I certainly haven't shopped here for the last time."

    - Heureka customer

  • Fast delivery

    "Everything delivered quickly after ordering, beautiful packaging, always packed some gift. So far my best experience of all the eshops with goods for my cats. I recommend it."

    - Ales

  • Everything is great, I am satisfied

    "Perfect e-shop. Perfect communication, lightning delivery, beautifully packed and a gift!?... Here the customer feels really pampered. I highly recommend the purchase!"

    - Michaela



Healthy and shiny fur without foreign hair, perfectly groomed paws, clean ears and nose - that's what our range of dog and cat cosmetics is for. Our cat balms, shampoos, conditioners and wet wipes contain vitamins and emollient oils including hemp oil for flawless care.

All cosmetic products are exclusively and custom made for us by a Czech company. Of course in organic quality.


Here you can buy at a discount the goods that did not impress our testers 100% and will therefore not be in more pieces, which we are either eliminating from the offer or its expiry date is approaching. In any case, you are still buying premium quality.

So what will it be?

Food for cats

All offered high quality cat foods are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Delikan Supra Cat. The quality of raw materials and low ash content make them one of the best and healthiest foods on the Czech market.

Within about 1 month you should see an improvement in the quality of your cat's fur. As you know well, the coat acts as a barometer of the overall health and quality of life of the animal.

Tailor-made Pet Scratching Post

Ich möchte bestellen


Movement is an important part of both human and feline life.

In our range you will find all kinds of toys, from interactive to classic rods.

Each of the toys featured on the site has been carefully tested by our testers of different temperaments and ages (from a 7 month old kitten to a 7 year old cat).

The evidence? You'll find them in the adorable videos on our Instagram.


Not only the dog, but also the cat can be comfortably walked thanks to a suitable leash. And because cats in particular need to be accustomed to the leash from a young age, you will also find leashes designed specifically for young and tiny cats and kittens.

The leashes come in sizes S, M and L in different colour variations. The leashes are Velcro fastened (to make them quick and easy to put on and take off) and can be washed in the washing machine at lower temperatures.

If you are unsure of the size or type of leash, send us a message with the dimensions of your cat or dog (via the form in the Contacts section). We will be happy to help you choose the right leash!


Isn't your cat or dog's fur one of the warmest? Easy help! With the cute outfits from our range, you'll reliably protect them from colds and flus - and at the same time make them the cutest dumb faces far and wide.

The hoodies and leather jacket with studs come in sizes S, M and L, and the sweatshirts in grey and pink. Both types of outfits are drawstring (to make them quick and easy to put on and take off) and can be machine washed at lower temperatures.

If you are not sure about the size, send us a message with your pet's measurements (via the form in the Contacts section). We will be happy to help you choose the right outfit!