My name is HUGO!

Hello bipeds and their quadrupeds!

I'd like to introduce myself a bit and explain why my bugs will be appearing here on the blog.

First of all, I guess why!
I got a job offer at! At first I thought what a cheeky thing to do! What do these cats want with me! I won't even talk to them! VRRRR!

Then, I got a little hot-headed, and I checked the website and found out that these cats are not so bad and that they think about us dogs! And what's more! I read in the report that as part of their range expansion, they have finally decided not to discriminate against us best human partners and will be stocking something for us woofers more and more often! Yes we PSY are just the best, period.

So I got a job offer. Well who else but ME could best evaluate products on a kindly cat! Which makes my mom two-legged most happy, because last time we got home from the vet, she waved the invoice at me saying you should finally get a job and also contribute a little to the family budget. I was kind of thinking what the heck! My little paws will never work... But my lovey-dovey offered to test out my cocoons and toys and stuff! And that's great! I'll have a happy tummy! Yeah, I can hear the cocoon.

Well, to give you an idea of who I am!
So I'm HUGO! The biggest gangster from Ostrava! I'm a bulldog, a French bulldog, and although I'm rather athletic for a bulldog, I think of myself as the biggest banger! I'm 6 years old now which is 40human, wow is that for real! I definitely don't feel that old!!! But what I meant to say is that I can work legally now.
I'll throw a picture of me in here too, I hope mom doesn't send one that makes me look like an asshole! She really doesn't know how to take pictures - either she takes a picture of me that has 3 chins and an ovar! Or I look like a wart or I can see my pippin, wouldn't you kill her! Nah... I'm kidding I love her more than anything and I would never trade her for 4 cockies!
That's kind of all I wanted to say today and next time you can look forward to maybe some of those reviews because they already sent me some of the package so there will be an unboxing, it's flying on those social media now so hopefully you'll enjoy it too.

Pac and kiss

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